RADA RADA are a rare thing; a streetwear company with legitimate green credentials.

It seems slightly odd that streetwear is so design conscious but fairly regularly lacks in environmental considerations. Rada Rada use a factory that is powered by wind and solar energy, pay their workers a living wage and for this collection have used an organic Indian cotton. They even go as far to use a dye process that involves no waste water or pollutants and all the product is carbon neutral. I imagine that this was no easy feat to put together either; the factories seem pretty rare.

All of their artwork is original and the brand don’t take themselves too seriously, which is again a bit of a refreshing perspective. The unisex product is staple printed t-shirts in long sleeve and short sleeve. Logo t-shirts sit alongside graphic prints – the one that you might be wondering what it actually is is upside down mermaids – and next season the brand are looking to do cut and sew to further the collection.

Check them out either at Rada Rada or their Instagram

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Seth Footring

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