ST. MORITZ SUPERSOFT debut their first lookbook


London’s very own streetwear brand for 1990s ski enthusiasts, ST. MORITZ SUPERSOFT, present their first lookbook.

The ’90s is known for many now-iconic styles in both fashion and design, but one that stands strong on its own is European ski-wear. Definitely a rub-off from the 1980s yuppy ski culture, the visuals and design language are so powerful that they’re instantly recognisable and if you were fortunate enough to be a part of the ski-holiday culture, instantly nostalgic.

ST. MORITZ SUPERSOFT have quietly been making waves in the London scene for the last year or so, dropping product as and when they see fit and keeping things pretty low key. Now, they have decided to debut their brand officially in the form of this lookbook featuring half-zip sweats, tees, caps, pins and patches. Hopefully in the future we’ll see them expand into serious outerwear, but maybe that will be taking the reminiscing a little too far?

Head over to the ST. MORITZ SUPERSOFT webstore to purchase.

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Alex Synamatix

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